Movin'ON GPS

Movin'ON GPS and Route4Me gives you the complete telematics package. Easy to integrate.

Movin'On GPS is a company that offers several different solutions for businesses across the country.

Movin'ON's fleet management platform helps you keep your employees safe and reduce costs by utilizing real-time GPS and automatic distracted driving detection.

Movin'ON GPS also offers in-cab audio coaching, on-demand video retrieval, free WiFi, zero configuration, integrated GPS tracking and quick ROI.

Make sure to use Route4Me Route Planner along with your telematics provider for the best results in planning, optimizing, and monitoring the routes your drivers are completing.

The free WiFi access is provided throughout the country. This enables you to automatically connect without having to do any configuration beforehand. You no longer have to manually retrieve data from inside a vehicle. Connecting wirelessly saves time as well as money because there are no monthly subscriptions that come with this service. Instead there is just one installation fee upfront which makes it an easy ROI

If you are looking for a great GPS solution for your fleet then look no further than Movin'ON GPS.

You can even monitor new drivers with the on-demand video retrieval service. This gives you access to all videos related to their route without having to manually retrieve them from inside the vehicle first. This saves both time and money. It also provides more accurate data about driver behavior over long periods of time to give you peace of mind knowing they are always being watched!

It's never been easier to keep your fleet safe with this innovative GPS solution. Movin'ON will monitor routes, watch for distracted driving, and record video of incidents all while doing it wirelessly!

Finally one other thing to consider when purchasing a GPS Solution is the ROI. Movin'ON GPS offers a quick and easy return on investment with reduced costs, increased safety, decreased risk of liability for accidents as well as lower insurance premiums!

If you are looking to stay ahead in today's demanding business environment then Movin'On is a great choice.


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